What is the meeting about?

‘Pathways to Inclusion’ is a big meeting about inclusion.

People from different countries will come to the meeting.
They will talk about how to make things better
for persons with intellectual disabilities.

Many experts will come to the meeting.
These experts have done a lot of research.
They will talk about what they found out
about the lives of persons with intellectual disabilities.

In the meeting, people will also talk about
the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
In short, we call it the ‘Convention’.
The Convention is a document about rights persons with disabilities.

Other things you need to know

  • The meeting will be accessible for people with intellectual disabilities.
    This means it will be easy for people with intellectual disabilities to take part.
  • The meeting will be at the University of Vienna.
  • The meeting is organised by IASSIDD.
    IASSIDD is an organisation of experts
    who do research about intellectual disability.
    Experts from all over the world are part of IASSIDD.
  • 2 other organisations help IASSIDD to organise this big meeting:
    the University of Vienna and Lebenshilfe Austria

  | Universität Wien  | Liebiggasse 5  | 1010 Wien  | AUSTRIA