Important dates to remember!

The meeting:

The meeting will start on 14 July 2014.
It will end on 17 July 2014.


If you want to give a speech at the meeting,
you have to let us know before 14 February 2014.
Please, send us your speech by e-mail.
The e-mail address is
We will reply to you and let you know if you can give a speech.


If you want to take part in the meeting,
you have a sign up and pay a fee.

If you sign up before 14 April 2014,
you will pay less for the meeting.

You can also sign up after 14 April 2014
but you will have to pay a bit more for the meeting.

You can also come to the meeting
and sign up there.

  | Universität Wien  | Liebiggasse 5  | 1010 Wien  | AUSTRIA